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2008 Internationals

Field Crew:

Swapnil Mishra (Captain),

Vipresh Gangwal

Prashant Donkanti (Manual Operator)

Prof. Mrs. S.G. Kulkarni ( Instructor)

Complete Team Members:

Mechanical Fabrication Team
V. Anand
Atul Dumbre
Binod Prasad
Dheeraj Kumar
Nilesh Chavhan
Prashant Donkanti
Santosh Lohiya
Satyajeet Deshpande

Comupters and Software Team
Swapnil Mishra
Rajveer Singh
Jayesh Jain

Electronics Team
Vipresh Gangwal
Rashida Merchant
Shreekant Waphare
Nupur Mehta
Gaytri Powar
Poorva Sahasrabuddhe


The Mit Robocon team started its journey in Robocon 2005. In last four years the team has shown a great and constant progress. The major reason for this upcoming is that MIT believes in Sharing and exchange of knowledge. Each year the new ideas and technology was implemented with the solid foundations of last year’s experience.

This year the job started with selection of new members for the team under the guidance of staff instructors and a team of nineteen students was inducted for National Robocon’08. Out of these six members were in Robocon’07 team as well.

With rigorous efforts and a good team work we made the finest machines at Robocon nationals. The Team MIT is the only Team in India who has ever completed a problem statement. That too MIT did it thrice and left the crowd speechless. Even the Referee was shocked and took few seconds to respond to GOVONDA.

The eight to nine months of sleepless nights were supported by our college authorities to a great extend. When we used to work for more then twelve to eighteen hours a day, we were guided by many staff members as well. Mrs SG KULKARNI , our technical instructor has been associated with Robocon from it’s beginning in MIT. Here guidance was very valuable and supporting.

Strategy at Nationals

The MIT team was had a unique Manual Machine with four Jaws. This proved to be very strong and ruling point in our strategy. We had an autonomous machine set of three machine which used to do their job almost very consistently. MIT machine designs were only designs in NATIONAL event who could achieve Govinda. And so we did it. Not once but thrice.

What we lacked at national was speed as were concentrating more on consistency.

Stretegy At International.

The machines for international event are modified and are no more capable of completing Govinda. But the speeds have drastically increased and the machines have got more intelligence. The manual machine is now going to co ordinate with Auto machines to bring terror to opponents. The strategy is a bit more negative as compared what we saw at nationals, but that’s required at internationals.