MIT-WPU Robocon Tech Team:

We are Group of promising engineers from various departments of MIT World Peace University. We work systematically in preparation for the Robocon competetion each year. The MIT-WPU Robocon team started its journey in Robocon 2005. In the past twelve years, the team has shown a great potential and constant progress. One of the major reasons for the team’s success is that MIT-WPU believes in sharing and exchange of knowledge. Each year the new ideas and technology was implemented with the solid foundations of past years’ experience.

Work done by Mech Team:

As per the problem statement, machines are designed in CAD software followed by 3D simulation and then the actual fabrication is done. This helps in calculating the forces, stresses and total weight and also helps in selecting appropriate material for fabrication. Machine stability can also be predicted.

Different fabrication methods used are:

  • Laser cutting
  • Wire cutting
  • Aluminium welding
  • CNC Based fabrication
  • Milling
Work done by the Electronics Team:

The electronics team looks after the design of circuit boards and development for different peripherals like LCD, keypad, encoders, sensors, h-bridge, motors, etc. The electronics system serves as the bridge between the code and the mechanical system. It is also involved in the study and application of various forms of power sources, algorithm development, and development of suitable interfacing systems as per the requirements for the theme for each year.

Work done by Coding Team:

The coding team is involved in the development and implementation of various algorithms and logic for various system actuations and signal processing involving proper feedback from sensors and applying corrections using correction loops. The codes are written in lanuages like embedded C and python. The coding team has, over the years, developed various libraries to improve the ease in the implementation of code.