Robocon 2018 Theme video and rulebook:

As we know, Vietnam is the host country for Robocon 2018 and has released the theme for this year. The rulebook and theme video for this year’s ABU Robocon can be found below.

Robocon 2018 Theme:


FAQs: 27/10/17

Robocon 2018 Rulebook and Figures:

ABU Robocon 2018 rulebook

Robocon 2018: All Figures


Find Individual Figures below:

Figure 1.1 Zones and areas on the game field

Figure 1.2 Game field top view

Figure 1.3 Isometric View of Game Field

Figure 1.4 Ring Golden Ring Ring Tree

Figure 1.5 Golden Cup

Figure 1.6 Team Game Field

Figure 1.7 Shuttlecock and Rack

About ABU Robocon:

ABU Robocon 2018 is an International Robotic Competition, held annually in ABU member countries. The competition directly encourages the development of artificial intelligence, mechatronics and robotic technology as an engineering discipline. Also, it aims to cultivate innovation and creativity among future engineers.

The contest aims to create friendship among young people with similar interests, as well as help the advancement of engineering and technology in the region. The participating countries include several countries from the Asia-Pacific region, who are the members of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. The national broadcasters of these member countries host the national competition in their country.

Each year, the host country releases the theme. It consists of a number of tasks, to be completed by one or more robots. The tasks are to be completed within specified time, according to the rules decided by that country. Each country selects one team to represent that country in the International Robocon competition. In India, the team is selected through a national level competition usually held in march, at Pune. To build the robots, students require a rich knowledge in programming, mechanical design and electronic circuit design.