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List of Teams with registration ID for Robocon India National 2014

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Electronics Assignment for Robocon 2007

This assignment describes the electronic components to be used and their
integration with mechanical parts for the working of the autonomous
Block Diagram of electronic control:
Sensor Signal Condn. Microcontroller H-bridge Motor

The sensor is used to get inputs from the surroundings, specifically in our
case, to: 1. Follow a predefined path by differentiating between blue
background and white lines, and 2. To correctly pick up and place the
For line tracing, a circuit employing light dependent electronic devices
(photodiode, phototransistor or IR Tx-Rx) has to be used.
For block pick-up and placement, proximity sensors or contact switches may
be used.

Signal Conditioning Circuit:

The output of the sensors is in the form of analog voltage or current, and this
has to be converted into logic voltage levels compatible with the
microcontroller. A simple rail-to-rail operating comparator may be used. Use
of a Schmitt trigger circuit provides some immunity to noise and is
recommended. The following circuit is a single power supply Schmitt trigger
circuit operating at +5V and it gives output compatible to TTL levels.
In this circuit, the analog output of the sensor is given to the input terminal
of the comparator (1/4 IC LM339). Depending on crossing of threshold
levels of the Schmitt trigger, the output is practically obtained as +4.98V
(high) and +0.34V (low). This is compatible with the logic levels for TTL.
The threshold values for this circuit are +1.1V and +2.9V. These can be
adjusted by changing the values of R1, R2 and R3 according to given
formula. Read more

Robocon 2011 Report

Robocon is an international tournament based on robotics, with individual domestic

contests in each of its participating countries from Asia. The MIT Tech Team was formed in
2005 to represent MIT in the national Robocon. Since then, the team has shown tremendous
MIT was the finalist in 2008, and also the only team to complete the theme three times.
In 2010, MIT won the National Robocon resoundingly, competing against premier teams such as
IIT- Bombay, IIT-Delhi, IIt-Madras, VIT, NIRMA Institute etc. Thus far, MIT has represented
India in the International Robocon twice.
Our performance in Robocon 2011 was also strong, but due to some unforeseen errors in
the power circuitry, we could only reach up to the semifinals. However, preparations are now on
in earnest for Robocon 2012 under the able guidance of Prof S.G. Kulkarni and Prof
S.R.Yeolekar. The sources of inspiration for the team are Prof V.D. Karad sir, Prof P.B. Joshi sir
(our mentor) and Prof G.N. Mulay sir.

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2012 Game Rules

2012 Game Rules

1. Robot Set Up 

1.1 One Manual Robot, one Automatic Robot and one Collector Robot are required for each team.

1.2 One minute is given for setting of robots before the game starts.

1.3 Only the three registered members of each team, including the Manual Robot Operator, can engage in the setting up of robots. Any team that fails to complete setting of the robots within one minute can resume the setting process once the game starts.

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